A review from Laura C. – a recent boudoir client.

Did you have any initial worries, if so, what were they and how did that play out?
No worries, I asked a lot of questions before my appointment which were promptly answered by Jen, so I felt very prepared.

Did you feel nervous prior to the shoot? Did you feel relaxed during the shoot, get more confident, what put you at ease or not?
I was not nervous but when I was getting my makeup done I was thinking how funny it is to be half naked in front of strangers. It was actually very fun and we laughed a lot during the shoot because it’s not easy to bend your body, stay still, and try to keep a sultry face on. Catherine put me at ease right away and I appreciated her humor. I kept getting more confident as the shoot went on.

How was your experience overall?
It was such an amazing and empowering experience. It’s all about appreciating your body and being confident enough to have it in print. I want to do it again next year.

Would you recommend doing boudoir with celimages to your friends?
Yes, I have been promoting it like crazy!

How did you feel after the shoot?
I felt so accomplished. Before the shoot, I tried to exercise more and eat better so the prepping was really good for the body. I couldn’t wait to see the photos and what my boyfriend would say.

How would you describe the feel/tone quality of the photos?
The photos are beautiful and not cheesy. They are beautiful enough where you want to show your friends and sexy enough where your boyfriend loves them.

What advice would you give to someone considering doing a boudoir shoot?
DO IT! It’s such a great experience and a great gift for someone you love and for yourself.