Expensive Boudoir Lingerie or Not?

What to know before you buy lingerie
for your boudoir photo shoot?

Agent Provocateur does come up with some sexy yet tastefully elegant pieces. The downside is the price tag; and you’ll really be treating yourself if you make the purchase. But is it always necessary to spend big to look like a million bucks? From our experience the answer is a resounding ‘no’!

Many times it’s easy to find something similar to the $300 dollar piece for $30 online. Maybe the quality isn’t as good, and the materials may not be the finest, but it’s just for the photoshoot; and afterwards will be resigned to the bottom draw of your dresser for a rainy day.

The trick is… with the right lighting and pose, your lingerie can look like it cost several hundred dollars. So it’s not always necessary to splurge big time. Look for pieces that have great detail and finishing, that look like time and effort was spent in their creation. But most important of all…when it come to lingerie… is…


The fit. Yes, fit trumps everything! I don’t care who the designer is or how fancy the design!!

Badly fitting lingerie is the enemy of sexy!

So know your measurements and buy accordingly. Don’t try to fit yourself into a smaller size just for the photoshoot; you want smooth seamless curves. A little light photoshop afterwards can fix anything, and it’s easier for us if it fits you to start with.

Aside from your common or garden varieties of lingerie which are relatively self-explanatory, here are a few suggestions for pieces that can enhance, cover, accentuate…

A corset  – great for hiding parts of you that you may not want seen while accentuating your curves. That you can also accessorize the crap out of these things with stockings, belts, thigh-highs make them the star of the show.

Babydoll – this can offer midriff coverage while revealing a hint of thigh / panty. These are great at a shoot as you can be coy, revealing, coquettish all by how much you reveal or keep hidden.

Push-up bra – no brainer if you need a helping hand in the support department or a little extra cleavage. But it must be your size! These bras are unforgiving if you get the sizing wrong.

Boy-shorts and/or French knickers – this cheeky pair offers more coverage than your basic pantie and can be just as sexy. Somehow they also encapsulate the very essence of what ‘fun’ lingerie is all about.

The motto for today:  try it before you buy it!