I gave my husband the album and he loved it! He was shocked at first, and then I think he flipped through the album at least ten times just taking it all in. He’s been talking about it all weekend (and he even decided on his own to do all the laundry this weekend). Thank you so much, and a big thank you to your team for everything!
— Emily

Thank you guys for making me so comfortable! The shoot was so much fun, and the time flew. The pictures are incredible – I’ve never looked so good in any photo of me ever!! - Rachel

“My boudoir shoot was fabulous! I went into it nervous just because I was about to show all I had under my clothes to two complete strangers. I didn’t know how else to feel. When my friend and I went up to the room (I brought her for support) I instantly felt relaxed. You guys had an entire game plan which I loved! The shoot went smooth, quick, and I never once felt uncomfortable. In fact, you helped lighten the mood and made me laugh often – those were some of the photos that came out the best! They were professional and friendly and I would recommend ANYONE doing a boudoir shoot with them!” – Carla

“I was terrified going into it. I feel like I don’t always photograph well, and knowing what little clothes would be involved was all the more reason to be scared. I am short and curvy, and not always comfortable with my body. Catherine & team just have a way of putting you at ease and capturing the moments without making you look like you are trying. I decided to do the shoot with one of my girlfriends, who had also never done anything like this. We were so nervous walking into the hotel room that day. You put us right at ease from the second you saw how terrified we were. We had some champagne, ate strawberries, and just felt like models. All my reservations went right out the window. It was so much fun to dress up in sexy outfits and put on beautiful high heel shoes. It was such an amazing experience, especially doing it with a friend. We laughed so much that day, and yet have never felt sexier. We’ve recommended it to all of our other friends. I surprised my husband with the album for our anniversary and it is one of his favorite gifts I have ever given him. I am so happy that I did it, and can’t wait to look at it 30-40 years from now. I have showed many of my friends the final album and they all love it. The pictures are classy, the quality of the album is beautiful, I truly felt like a “glamorous pin-up girl.” – Brooke

“For all you ladies out there who have ever thought about boudoir photography, by the time you’re finished with Catherine Leonard Photography you’ll know that you made the right decision! You’re made to feel comfortable before, during and after the photo shoot. The shoot was very relaxed and I felt beautiful. When I first saw my images afterwards, my heart soared! They really do know how to bring out your best features, and it actually raised my self esteem. Their service is of the utmost professionalism, and they are everything you’re looking for. Thanks to all of you so much!” – Malina

“Thank you so much for these amazing photos. They look amazing. I really appreciate you taking the time to allow me so many different costume changes. I’m looking forward to my husband’s reaction when he sees these pictures.” – Katie

“I am still in shock about how powerful my experience was. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so empowered! I can’t wait for my clients to do this with you. You have a very unique and special way of making people comfortable. Thanks for everything!” – Sarah

“I was not nervous before the shoot but when I was getting my makeup done I was thinking how funny it is to be half naked in front of strangers. The actual shoot was very fun and we laughed a lot because it’s not easy to bend your body, stay still, and try to keep a sultry face on. You both put me at ease right away and I appreciated your humor. I kept getting more confident as the shoot went on.Overall it was such an amazing and empowering experience. It’s all about appreciating your body and being confident enough to have it in print. After the shoot I felt so accomplished and I couldn’t wait to see the photos and what my boyfriend would say. The photos themselves are beautiful and not cheesy. They are beautiful enough where you want to show your friends and sexy enough where your boyfriend loves them. It’s such a great experience and a great gift for someone you love and for yourself. I want to do it again next year!” – Laura

“I gave my husband the album and he loved it! He was shocked at first, and then I think he flipped through the album at least ten times just taking it all in. He’s been talking about it all weekend (and he even decided on his own to do all the laundry this weekend). Thank you so much, and a big thank you to your team for everything!” – Emily

“I’m totally obsessed with the pictures! And I’m so glad I did it, you made me feel and look beautiful. You’re so incredibly talented. Thank You.” – Melissa

“Catherine and her team are truly special and made me feel completely relaxed during the shoot. The make-up artist was also fantastic and really sweet. I recommend them highly to anyone wondering whether to do boudoir – you won’t regret choosing them. Anyway their work speaks for itself.” – Julie

“It was great working with you yesterday, I had a blast! So excited to see my photos and looking forward to working with you in the future.” – Jill

“Thank you SO much for making my fiance a very happy man!!! My “look book” arrived yesterday and I surprised him with my pictures when he came home from work. He was so surprised and impressed all he could say was, “OMG! ARE YOU SENDING THESE TO PLAYBOY??” Clearly he thought they were HOT! Everything came out absolutely gorgeous and it was really such a pleasure to work with you. All of your photos are absolutely gorgeous and I hope we can work together again in the future.” – Christina

“I had such a great time! Very nice, friendly and professional stuff. Very easy to work with. The make up artist did a great job. I can tell, she was professional! Theye are really focused on you! Thank you so much! I LOVE the pictures!” – Krisztina

“The pictures are stunning. I was very scared at the start but was surprised how great I felt when I go t into it. Wonderful experience.” – Alexa

“Thank you for your amazing talent and making me feel comfortable. I had such fun!” – Grace

“The boudoir party was enjoyed by all and my bridesmaids and I are so excited to see the images. They thought you were extremely professional and found the shoot totally enjoyable. Thanks again and see you at the wedding!” – Sharon

“Just a quick note to say thank you. I put the framed prints above my bed, they looks so artsy and tasteful in black and white and I love looking at them everyday.” – Cassandra

“Thank you all for a fantastic experience! I usually feel very self conscious being photographed, and am definitely not what I’d call naturally photogenic. You made me feel so comfortable during the shoot, and the images are great!” – Jennifer

“My experience doing boudoir was absolutely amazing. I wasn’t too sure what to expect being that this was my first time doing a photo shoot, especially in lingerie! I bought my close friend along with me for comfort, but the team made me feel more than comfortable. Every other shot was of me laughing, because they were just that fun to be around. I am so excited to give my Fiance’ the magazine for his birthday. I left with so much more confidence. Thank you guys so much.” – Tanisha

“I just want to give a big thanks for making my photo shoot such a wonderful experience! I arrived feeling nervous and anxious and left feeling excited and empowered, Thank you for making me feel so comfortable and beautiful.” – Melissa

“What a fantastic experience! Working with Alistair on this shoot was one of the most fun I have ever had being photographed. Gorgeous location, beautiful photos, and a great time. Can’t wait to do it again!”  –Rachel DeAlto (

“Also, I should have said this in my original email, but – I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures! Thank you so much! Such an amazing experience.” — Eleni

I just wanted to follow up on my pictures and take the opportunity to thank you for such a wonderful experience. I’ve already told all of my friends that at some point, they have to do this. The experience was a wonderfully empowering one and I still feel more confident than I ever have! Thank you for making the day of my shoot so relaxing, welcoming and fun; I really had an amazing time.
— Tania