New york couples boudoir photographer

We offer NYC couples boudoir photography. This is a great way to create intimate photos of yourself and your partner to celebrate and commemorate your relationship.

The shoot is all about the connection you feel toward your partner, the bond and emotionalism of the moment captured forever for you to cherish.

Seductive or racy, tender or bold, clothed or unclothed, however you see yourself, or however you want to appear is up to you, as is the level of intimacy expressed.

Rolling around in bed together or undressing each other tenderly is of course a joyful thing and tends to be full of laughter but also touches on your shared sentiment for each other. These shoots are great for capturing moments you otherwise simply won't see. The way you look at each other, the feelings carried in a gesture or touch, the stillness or electricity between you. The silent bond.

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